Me -Just a(nother) bloke with camera kit trying to take some 'half reasonable pics' (hrp)... 

Images - Whilst I try to fill the frame in the way that I want - at the time of pressing the shutter - it rarely happens - almost always due to 'pilot error':)

As a result, some pics might be (slightly) cropped to correct basic errors (eg tilted horizons) or because I think a particular composition works better than the original shot. Sometimes I'll stitch multiple frames to create panorama type images, if I think the result will work. I don't clone / modify subjects.The majority of photos on this site have been taken within a 10km radius /bike ride of my home - Leicester,UK.

Subjects - Almost all of the subjects shown here are extremely common - and often co-exist in close proximity (but not necessarily harmony) to ourselves. They are, of course, free to come and go as they please - and not as I would like them to pose :-)

Approach - I consider that the challenge involved in capturing a 'hrp' of a commonplace subject - often in less than ideal surroundings - is one worthy of the time and effort involved. 

For shots of waterfowl, I prefer the results obtained from using a low / water level viewpoint. Using suitable locations at a nearby venue, combined with home-made support gear has helped me obtain this type of image.